Here it is, the new and improved blog site! Thanks to my dear fellow blogger and friend Laura M, 1,000 Shabbos Guests is now much easier to navigate and comb for recipes and also much better integrated with all our other favorite social media. Hooray for change! I’ve spent the last couple of days transferring over all my blogspot material, and hopefully this should make for a better reading/referencing experience for all of you.

What else have I been doing over the past couple of days (weeks)?  I have been making my way slowly but surely through Melbourne’s urban array of fabulous kosher culinary spaces. That’s right – I’ve been eating.  And buying hats. But mostly just eating, and loving every second of it.  From the just-opened Milk and Honey, which takes Israeli street food to a whole new level, and Nogga, for the best plate of gnocchi I’ve abolished in years, to Off the Hook for a sensational Asian Salmon filet and Laffa Bar for deluxe shwarma straight from Rechov Ben Yehuda, Melbourne kosher is clearly pulling it together.

Being in vacation/holiday mode is definitely my new lifestyle of preference. While being a wife and mummy and full-time caterer to the masses is a blessing for which I’m constantly grateful, I’m really appreciating this rare opportunity to take a break and basically just cook and eat the types of dishes and meals that I love to cook just for myself. I’m saying, breakfast has been bruschetta with bocconcini and basil fresh from the garden. When would that ever happen in my normal life?

Last Friday night I had zero guests for Shabbos.  My husband is still away, and I felt like a night in, so it was just me and my two children, and once they went to bed, it was me, myself, and of course, I. It was great. I’d made my favorite comfort dish of veal schnitzel and potatoes, and after dinner spent a good chunk of the evening just reading and reflecting.

Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter whether we’re feeding one other person or one hundred, we Jewish women are defined by our ability to nurture and give. Not surprisingly, this often means compromising our own personal food likes and tastes to please the people we love – whether this means leaving mushrooms out of the salad because a husband or roommate doesn’t like them, or calling our kids’ leftover hot dog scraps our own dinner from time to time (guilty!)

Ladies, I would like to propose that one evening or afternoon a week, each of us treat our self as our own special guest and make a meal for one that has no one else in mind. Make your very favorite food, or better yet, take a book to your favorite restaurant and get some head space. Come join me on my vacation…