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Now that we made it to the other side, I can definitely say that Rosh Hashanah cooking was a huge success this year. These challah rolls were definitely one of the highlights, and although this is simply just a variation on my regular Spelt Challah recipes, I post as a reminder for next year how to sweeten and liven up my year-round   Shabbos table staple for the Tishrei festivities. I really like that they’re not cakey or too sweet and still work well with savory dips.

Mini Apple Cinnamon Spelt Challahs




1 batch of Spelt Challah dough

4 Apples, peeled and diced

3 tbsp Brown Sugar

1 tblsp Cinnamon

Non-stick baking spray

Mix Sugar and Cinnamon together. Stir together with diced Apples. Break dough into golf ball sized pieces. Flatten and place a scoop of Apple mixture into the centre of each one. Shape back into a ball, hiding all the Apple inside the dough. Place dough into muffin pans. Rise each tray of unbaked rolls for another 10-15 mins. Bake on 350 C for approx. 20 mins per tray.